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I help you to transform

your life from existing to fully living.

Our Journey Starts with Your Story

Where are you?

Are you in a place where you feel your life is limiting your potential? 


Maybe you've lost direction and clarity in your life.


Is it draining you and keeping you awake at night?

You want and deserve your life to feel better. 

You want to feel energised and inspired about your life.

You want and deserve to feel freedom.

Whatever events have made your story what it is today, it doesn't define what comes next, You do.

I help you break down the walls holding you back so you can start to live your life fully, on your terms.

Why crawl through life when you have wings

- Rumi

Shift Your Life Forward

Are events of the past repeatedly influencing your decisions and therefore your future?  Do limiting beliefs and negative self-talk control your thoughts, undermine your confidence and prevent you from making decisions for positive change in your life?

If life has delivered you a wake-up call, the time to act for yourself is now.

When we work together you will see that you have an opportunity to begin a new story of your life feeling energised and inspired.

Over the last 25 years, I have guided and supported many women and men to free themselves from the influence of their overwhelming and disempowering mind-state.

Within my guided program they learnt the tools and skills to feel inspired to shift their life from feeling controlled, emotionally drained and stuck, into feeling hopeful, strong and excited about igniting positive, sustainable change.

Image by Denys Nevozhai

What client say

I find my sessions so valuable, they really support me to think in new and different ways.

- MM

I find my sessions so valuable, they really support me to think in new and different ways.

- MM

I am so grateful that I was introduced to you! I was shattered by my marriage breakup but I feel I'm now free to move forward with my life.

- DS

I look forward to my sessions each week! I really don't know what I'd do without them.

- BL

The session was amazing today. You come up with some real pearler lines that really stick with me.

- GH


How I Can Help You

Through transformational mindset packages and facilitated workshops BluJay Coaching will give you the tools, accountability and support network to turn your lifestyle, mindset and health around.

Be your desire to change personally or professionally, we believe that it always starts from the inside out, so by working with our clients to help them utilise their minds more effectively we see their internal and external worlds transform for the better.

Much of our thinking and behaviour is subconscious,  we support you to move into making more conscious decisions that are not based on the past.  No matter what your goal understanding your mindset will always be the key to success.

Our Journey Starts With Your Story and we are looking forward to hearing it 

How I Can Help You

Feel Inspired and Energised in 12 Weeks

If you desire change personally or professionally, I start with helping you harness the extraordinary power of your mind so you can make conscious decisions without being defined by your past.


I guide and support you to make small changes that we establish are right for you in my 12-week Transformational Mindset Program.  Every week you will learn practical tools and valuable insights to positively and confidently shift your lifestyle, mindset and health onto a new pathway to your future.

When you experience positive inner transformation, your entire world will also transform for the better.

If you are ready to ignite positive change in your life, click below to book your free 1:1 consultation with me.

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